We are proud to offer the MyMyst System.

The MyMyst allows customers to select from several different tanning shades, each in a single-use
tanning cartridge. The booth mimics airbrush motion, creating an even, natural-looking tan. Furthermore,
skin is almost completely dry immediately after your session, so there is no need to worry about streaking 
or inconsistencies in color.

The MyMyst system is a private booth equipped with a voice instruction guide that will provide you with
step-by-step instructions. In only two minutes, you are able to achieve an even sunless tan. The MyMyst
system is a great complement to UV-tanning or an ideal alternative for those individuals unable to tan.

MyMyst Tips

  • Exfoliate your skin and shave prior to your session.
  • Do not moisturize your skin immediately before or after your session.
  • Follow the instructions. We suggest watching our brief video explaining the entire process so that you will have a better understanding of the MyMyst booth prior to using it.
  • Wait at least four hours before showering after your MyMyst session. It is best if you wait overnight and take a shower the day after your session because this allows your results to fully develop.
  • For best results, Double Dip. Double Dip consists of tanning in one of our tanning units first, then getting in the MyMyst immediately after your tanning session. Tanning opens your pores, allowing you to maximize your MyMyst results and achieve a quick, dark tan.

MyMyst Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear during my session?
Most people wear nothing. Since the room is completely private, going for an all-over tan is completely up to you. However, if you do wear a bathing suit or underwear, the DHA may permanently stain what you wear during the tanning session. 

Should I bring anything with me for my MyMyst session?
We provide our customers with everything they will need for their sunless tanning session.

How much does the MyMyst cost?
A single visit is $25. Please contact Tan Now for pricing for larger packages.

How long will my results last?
The results from your MyMyst session will last 4-7 days. However, swimming in chlorinated water or salt water will diminish your tan more quickly.

If I tan in the MyMyst, can I also tan in tanning beds and in the sun?

Yes. There is nothing in the tanning myst that would prevent you from tanning in tanning beds or the sun. In fact, a number of customers have found that tanning with UV rays and the tanning myst provides them with a better overall tan. Remember, however, that the MyMyst tan does not give you any protection from UV rays.


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